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US Vice President in Australia, – to make sure that we toe the USA line?

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence Is En Route To Australia Malcolm Turnbull says the visit shows the United States’ commitment to Australia is ‘very real’. Huffington Post 21/04/2017 As tensions threaten to boil over between the United States and North Korea, U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence is en route to Australia in a visit expected to focus on regional security and trade.

Arriving in Sydney on Friday night, Pence will spend two days in Sydney as one of the final legs in his whirlwind tour of Asia which began last Saturday.

 Amid concerns that Trump plans to withdraw focus from the region, the visit is designed to both reassure the United States’ foreign partners and gauge the mood within Asia towards the most unconventional administration in America’s history……..

The growing tensions on the Korean peninsula, America-China relations and the remaining trade barriers between Australia and the world power are expected to feature prominently in talks between Pence and Australian political figures.

Pence’s visit to Australia so early on in Trump’s Presidency was evidence of our importance as an international ally to the US, Malcom Turnbull told ABC’s 7:30 on Thursday night.

“I believe this is the earliest visit by a Vice President to Australia,” Turnbull said……

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop invited Pence to visit Australia when they met in Washington in February. She has been vocal about the need for the US to become more involved in Asia.


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