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Why a region like outback South Australia should retreat from plan for radioactive waste dump

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 20 Apr 17  A used car salesman made mayor of Carlsbad New Mexico was the person that instigated the promotion of nuclear waste abandonment at the site now known as the WIPP with Betty Richards the only person to decry it. About 40 miles away a few council members took it upon themselves to offer and promoted their town of Andrews to be a nuclear waste dump with the unwilling towns people very shocked and upset when they were finally told.

50,000+ member strong united workers union fought to stop the build of the nuclear power plant Fermi 1 and lost their case even with the support of Edward Teller a Theoretical Physicist who claimed that it was a bad design reactor, only to have a partial meltdown shortly after construction.

These are just a few incidents where the the minority has over ruled the majority and the consequences to the environment and the economy could still cost the taxpayers of today and into the future many billions of dollars more.

So espousing the dumping of deadly radioactive waste is the wrong direction for any responsible community to consider, this is why the decision to retreat from a badly conceived idea of contaminating the region has appeal.


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