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Fusion “Dream” is Toxic Nightmare

The fusion dream is a toxic nightmare which throws billions of £££££s of public money away in the plan to create another nuclear treadmill from which there is no getting off..


Fusion reactors have long been touted as the “perfect” energy source.
Proponents claim that when useful commercial fusion reactors are developed,
they would produce vast amounts of energy with little radioactive waste,
forming little or no plutonium byproducts that could be used for nuclear
weapons. These pro-fusion advocates also say that fusion reactors would be
incapable of generating the dangerous runaway chain reactions that lead to a
meltdown-all drawbacks to the current fission schemes in nuclear power
plants. As we move closer to our goal, however, it is time to ask: Is fusion
really a “perfect” energy source? After having worked on nuclear fusion
experiments for 25 years at the <; Princeton Plasma
Physics Lab, I began to…

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