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To 28 April Nuclear and Climate news Australia

You wonder how long the world can teeter on the brink – Donald Trump says:  Chance of ‘major, major conflict’ with North KoreaUnprepared President Trump risks blundering into nuclear war. But Why so little public protest on the current threats of nuclear war?  Have we all got nuclear-war-fear fatigue? Or, in Australia, it is the football season.

Investigative journalism lives! – Time to pay attention to long term effects of low dose ionising radiation. The radioactive berry harvests of Chernobyl.


Pine Gap and Northwest Cape– Australia’s very obvious nuclear targets. America’s deployment of 1250 marines to Darwin rattles North Korea.  North Korea developing missiles in 3 years time, that could reach Australia, esp Pine Gap.

NUCLEAR. Today submissions closed for the secretive Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia joining the international Generation IV Nuclear Energy Framework (GIF) . I sent one in. It will probably  get lost in  a pile of pro nuclear submissions from nuclear companies and their shills.

USA preparing charges for the arrest of Julian Assange.

Protest occupies Downer EDI office: Don’t get into bed with Adani  Taxpayer loan for railway to Adani mine “not in the interests of NSW”: report

ENERGY. Dennis Mattews reviews Senate Committee report on Electricity Stability and Affordability. Obvious to all, except the Australian govt, that the nation needs a clear energy market policy. Australia’s rapidly increasing solar energy capacity. Turnbull’s dishonest spin about his Snowy Hydro energy plan.  Turnbull government wants to subsidise fossil fuel transport.

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