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Adani coal mine expansion project is in the wars: Matt Canavan’s not helping!

As with renewables, I am snowed under with news about Adani’s coal mine. It is indeed the critical issue in Australia right now, (well after the risk of joining Trump in war). However, as this site is dedicated to Australia’s fight to be nuclear-free, I am now, reluctantly, cutting short the posts on this topic.


Canavan’s call to boycott Westpac a colossally stupid salvo in the new Truth Wars
Michael Bradley
Matt Canavan says Queenslanders should boycott Westpac since the bank is not going to lend money to the colossally wasteful Adani coal mine and becomes sucked into the Nationals Irony Generator.

Adani’s telling meltdown over Westpac’s new climate policy
Bob Burton
The angry denunciation of Westpac’s new climate policy – which rules out funding for new mines in the Galilee Basin – serves only to underscore how crucial support from at least one major Australian bank was to Adani’s push to win finance for its beleaguered Carmichael coal project.

Cash, not climate, real concern
Dennis Shanahan
Westpac’s announcement that it would refuse to finance the Adani mine appears to be ‘virtue signalling’.

May 3, 2017 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, climate change - global warming

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