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Government to release map of potential final nuclear disposal sites this summer

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

n-nukewaste-a-20170503-870x564.jpgSolidified nuclear waste mixed with glass is placed in canisters at a reprocessing plant in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, in 2012

The government has set the criteria for a map meant to identify potential final disposal sites for high-level radioactive nuclear waste, paving the way for its release as early as this summer.

The process of finding a host for nuclear waste could face challenges amid public concerns over safety.

Based on the map, the government will approach select municipalities to allow research to be conducted for suitable sites to store waste from nuclear power generation.

For permanent disposal, high-level nuclear waste needs to be stored at a final depository more than 300 meters underground for up to about 100,000 years until radiation levels fall and there is no longer potential harm to humans and the environment.

The government plans to create a permanent underground repository somewhere in stable bedrock so…

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17 June National Day of Action – Ban The Bomb

More than 130 countries have begun negotiating a new treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons, heralding the end of two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations. So far, the Australian Government is standing with the nuclear armed states and boycotting the negotiations, despite overwhelming public support for a ban.

Australia has signed the treaties to ban chemical and biological weapons, landmines and cluster munitions. As a country that has experienced the devastating and long-lasting impact of nuclear testing, our Government must now support a ban on nuclear weapons!

 Please join the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom NSW and ICAN Australia on Saturday 17th June for a Women’s March to Ban the Bomb!

This march is a women-led initiative and inclusive of all genders, ages, cultures and faiths. It is building on movements at the forefront of the resistance to weapons and war. It is occurring in solidarity with the New York Women’s March to Ban the Bomb, organised by WILPF program Reaching Critical Will. This is also part of a National Day of Action across Australia! Continue reading

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