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I can no longer keep up with this
“Nuts” electricity market drives new rooftop solar boom – with side of battery storage
An electricity market “about as bad as you can get” has helped put household solar – and storage – back in the spotlight of Australia’s renewables shift, prompting forecasts of “massive growth.”

Business Supports Mandatory Sustainability Reporting – CSR Survey
More than half of the respondents to an annual study of corporate social responsibility practices say sustainability reporting should be mandatory – and for the first time Australian banks have fallen off the list of top 10 CSR companies.

Cost of catastrophe
Climate change litigation is emerging as a significant risk for companies across all sectors of the economy.

Perth is about to become the first Australian capital city to have “smart benches”, where people can charge their phones and access wifi for free.
Electricity bills to fall thanks to renewable energy: forecaster
There could be relief in sight for households grappling with rising electricity bills, with a leading energy analyst forecasting new renewable projects will prevent more hikes in power prices within three years.

Australian households to install one million batteries by 2020
Morgan Stanley is still expecting around one million households in Australia will install battery storage by 2020.

Record $7.5bn renewables spend puts RET well within reach
Stunning $7.5 billion surge in investment in large scale wind and solar projects means Renewable Energy Target is well within reach, and could be filled by commitments this year.

Tables – large scale renewable energy projects being built, or about to start
A table summarising the large scale renewable energy projects completed, under construction, or about to start in 2017.

New solar will be cheaper than old coal by 2032
BNEF says falling solar PV costs mean it will be cheaper to build a new large-scale solar than to burn coal by 2032.
Report: Near-total renewable energy systems cheaper than gas in 2030
Christian Roselund
Climate Policy Initiative stresses flexibility and shows how energy storage and limited gas generation can support a power system dominated by renewables at a lower cost than conventional generation.
Playing to our natural advantages
Leanne Minshull
Tasmania is potentially set to become an energy superpower

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