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Lobby Labor to stop the four Western Australian uranium mines

  • Sign the Uranium Free Charter
  • Take a selfie – with the Ban Uranium Mining Permanently sign and post to social media #walabor #uraniumfreewa
  • Get in touch with Labor – see details below: – (08) 6552 5800 – (08) 6552 6700 – (08) 6552 5000
For your local member find:

Here is some draft text you could adapt to send to them or use as speaking points for a call: 

I’m contacting you to let you know I support the WA Labor policy to prevent uranium mining in WA and wish to see uranium mining banned permanently in this State. I am concerned by recent media statements that indicate Labor will let the four proposed uranium mines in WA go ahead. None of these projects have final approval none are under construction so they do not meet Labors criteria. These mines should not be allowed to proceed under a Labor Government.

After eight years of support and subsidies for uranium mining by the Barnett Government, our State remains nuclear-free. There are no operating uranium mines, no uranium projects with final approval to mine, and no proposals that are economically viable.

Now that Labor has won the State election, you and your party have a unique opportunity to prevent and ban uranium mining in WA and instead support a Renewable Energy Target and a clean energy future for West Australians.

Labor has been clear and consistent on their opposition to uranium mining and the party has a clear and strong policy against uranium, nuclear power, and nuclear waste that I support. This position should be clarified and re-affirmed given recent media reports that suggest otherwise.

I urge you to make quick decisive action to end uranium mining in WA once and for all. This will create certainty and relief for communities that have endured eight years of negotiating and fighting with uranium mining companies and the Barnett Government._____

May 5, 2017 - Posted by | ACTION

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