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Some pretty good news for Australia on renewable energy

There’s just too much news on renewable energy!  Unable to cope, I give you some brief notes.
Why grid based battery storage is already a no-brainer in Australia
BNEF says grid-based battery storage already very much in the many in Australia. It is a stunning cost fall that has caused AGL to reassess the future and join the CSIRO and the network owners in talking about 100 per cent renewable energy scenarios by 2030.

CEFC backs two new waste-to-fuel plants with $30m loan
CEFC taps Australia’s $2-3.3bn waste to fuel market, with $30m loan to ResourceCo to build two new Processed Engineered Fuel plants.

Tesla says Powerwall 2 battery storage deliveries have begun
Tesla says installations of its Powerwall 2 home battery systems have begun in Australia, and will ramp up this month.

South Australia
South Australia’s Anzac renewables bonanza
South Australia enjoyed a bumper harvest from its wind and solar plants last week. Such days will become more common as more projects are built.
Western Australia
WA to close Muja coal units, in first signs of major shift to renewables
As WA’s new Labor government announces closure of Muja AB coal-fired power station the state will have no choice but to turn to wind and solar.
Victoria’s big renewable energy plans face major network hurdle
Victoria’s ambitious renewable energy plans – to source 40 per cent of its demand from renewables by 2025 – face a potential significant hurdle because of network constraints in the west of the state.

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