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2017 – Federal Budget – nuclear issues SUMMARY

2017 – Federal Budget – nuclear issues  SUMMARY

Budget Paper 1.


  • There may be potential claims made in relation to asbestos relates diseases from asbestos at the ANSTO site – potential costs have not been identified
  • The Government has formally agreed (21/04/2016) to indemnify ANSTO and ANSTO officers, and ANM and ANM Officers from any loss or liability arising from claims caused by ionising radiation. This is in place until April 2026.
  • The Government claims it has already indemnified the Maralinga Tjarutja people in respect of claims arising from test site contamination (through the terms of the Maralinga Nuclear Test Site Handback Deed.)
  • Cessation of funding for the development of a detailed business case for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Budget Paper 2.

Expenses * British Nuclear Test Veterans * three different figures (pg’s 48,57, 59, 175 &186) *more details on pg 93 of Budget Paper 4.

$133.1 over four years for health care (public or private) for any medical condition, irrespective of whether the condition is linked to their service. Includes participants in the British nuclear test program in Australia and vetereans of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (who were deployed in or near Hiroshima).

National Medical Stockpile. Pg – 188.

The government will provide $85.4 million over 3 years to replenish national medial stockpiles – a strategic reserve in response to any chemical, biological or nuclear event.

Budget Paper 3.

Rum Jungle, pg 55

Environmental Management of the former Rum Jungle uranium mine site: $6.1 million 2017-2018, and $4 million in 2018-2019. This funding is a National Partnership payment to support State environment services. The funding is for a program of work established to improve the management of the site and further develop a rehab strategy.

Ranger, pg 77

Commonwealth provides general assistance to the NT on uranium at Ranger (because the Commonwealth owns NT uranium) *payments are made at a royalty rate of 1.25 % of net proceeds of sales. *** unclear what $ if any goes from Commonwealth to the NT….


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