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Senate should not reward Brandis’ native title bill scam May 2017

Proper consultation with Indigenous Leaders needed

Adani shouldn’t determine Native Title reform agenda

“The Attorney General George Brandis has cut corners and  conducted a shabby consultation process on the Native Title Bill to be debated in the Senate this Wednesday, failing to include
Traditional Owners across Australia, say Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners fighting Adani’s coal mine in Central Queensland.

Senior spokesperson for the Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J)Traditional Owners Council, Mr Adrian Burragubba said, “The Attorney General has whipped up a false sense of urgency so he can push through this Bill, which is designed for everyone but the Traditional Owners whose rights it is meant to uphold.

““Brandis has engineered a cursory and limited consultation process which is grossly inadequate for amendments which will have such a significant and long term impact on our rights. …

“The Labor Party, who were the original architects of native title laws under Prime Minister Paul Keating, understood that good native title laws are built on direct consultation with a broad group of Aboriginal leaders, and are meant to right an historic wrong.

““We are encouraged by reports that the Opposition, in this 25th anniversary year of the Mabo decision,
is troubled by the Government’s handling of this Bill,
and is seeking to ensure proper consultations with Traditional Owners.
We have urged all Labor, Green and Xenophon Senators not to pass this bill. …

Youth spokesperson for the W&J Traditional Owners Council, MsMurrawah Johnson, said, “As Traditional Owners we have a right to determine our own future and make our own decisions about our lands and waters. It is not up to unelected CEOs and lawyers who are talking to the Government.

““The Government has failed to make a case for why this Bill is urgent, or make a convincing argument why it needs to overturn the Federal Court’s decision in McGlade. …


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