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While ANSTO flirts with Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, the Big Story is the Adani Coal Mine

This site is dedicated to the nuclear -free movement. And at present, I am appalled that Australia is about to sign up to developing Generation IV nuclear reactors, and to once again bless the expensive and secretive activities of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. Remember, it is OUR money, tax-payers’ money, that is being wasted on these going nowhere nuclear schemes, at a time when clean renewable energy really IS going somewhere.

Nevertheless, as “new nuclear” is in fact, going nowhere, very slowly, the current big threat to Australia’s environment, economy, and international reputation, is the Adani coal mine project.

This appalling coal mine plan  something that all Australians who care about our country, and our children’s future, should be fighting, tooth and nail.  For the moment, the nuclear push is almost dead in the water, even though its zealots persist .


May 22, 2017 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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