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Aboriginal survivors of atomic bomb tests are not fooled by claims that radioactive waste is safe

Anthony Clark  Fight to Stop Nuclear waste Dump in Flinders South Australia June 1 

On September 27, 1956, an atomic mushroom cloud rose above the Maralinga plain – the first of seven British bomb tests.

Aboriginal people living around Maralinga didn’t have a voice in 1956.

Aboriginal people known as Kuyani/Adnyamathanha with Heritage rights over Arcoona Station near Woomera in 1998 found their voice and protested all the way to the Full Bench of the Federal Court of Australia culminating in a win against the Liberal Coalition Uranium Waste Repository causing the Federal Government to abandon the proposal.

The Adnyamathanha Nation since 2016 have once again been attacked by the Liberal Coalition Government through ANSTO with a proposal attached to a promise of $10 Million benefits to the closest community boundary which technically could be Flinders Ranges Council located at Quorn SA, whose council area is closer to Wallerbadina Station earmarked for the proposed Uranium Waste Repository (Dump)

Ask any of the Aboriginal Nations affected by the Uranium Waste left behind at Maralinga, if Uranium Waste is safe and you will quickly be educated by the sorrow despair and suffering culminating in early deaths and contamination of Song Lines and Sacred Grounds for both Male and Female if an area contaminated by Nuclear Waste is a good idea and you will quickly develop understanding against the idea from empathetic reasoning told by the few survivors living today!

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