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Donald Trump is a “climate criminal” – Australian reaction to the USA climate deal pullout

Donald Trump labelled ‘climate criminal’ as Australian politicians react to US exit from Paris climate agreement, ABC News By political correspondent Louise Yaxley, 2 June 17  Both major parties in Australia say they remain committed to the Paris climate agreement despite Donald Trump’s announcement the US will withdraw from the deal.

The Coalition and Labor have labelled the US President’s decision disappointing, while the Greens have gone much further, with MP Adam Bandt using Twitter to call Mr Trump a “climate criminal”.

Pressure from all sides The messy withdrawal from the Paris agreement is a reflection of the pressure the President’s been under to both stay in, and pull out, of the deal, writes Zoe Daniel.

“Trump has just threatened our security and our way of life. Time to dump Trump,” Mr Bandt wrote.

“Trump’s ‘axis of denial’ is a greater threat to global security than terrorism.”…..

June 2, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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