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Pro-coal Liberals oppose Finkel energy report, Greens not happy either

Finkel review: Government backbenchers question clean energy target report, ABC News, 9 June 17  By political reporters Matthew Doran and Tom Iggulden Pro-coal backbenchers within the Liberal Party have already begun undermining a report from the chief scientist Alan Finkel, as Labor foreshadows pulling support for the proposal if new coal-fired power stations are built.

Key points:

  • Senator Eric Abetz accusing Finkel of using “creative assumptions” to come up with recommendations
  • MP Craig Kelly calling for another report, different attempts at modelling
  • Australian Energy Council says Dr Finkel’s report presents “less political” option

Dr Finkel’s report proposes a clean energy target (CET) to help reduce carbon emissions and lower electricity prices for households by about $90 per year.

Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz is accusing the chief scientist of using “creative assumptions” to come up with his recommendations for a CET.

Western Sydney Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly is calling for another report to be done into the economic effect of setting aggressive emissions reduction targets.

He said he would not support a benchmark emission target of 0.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour, which is the level Dr Finkel has used in his report to model economic effects. …….


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