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India’s coal plants designed to work on imports: otherwise is self sufficient in coal

India has enough coal without Adani mine, yet must keep importing, minister says
India’s energy minister, Piyush Goyal, says the country would be self-sufficient in coal, except that power plants had been designed to run only on imports,
Guardian, Michael Safi in Delhi, 14 June 17India now has “sufficient coal capacity” to power itself without Queensland’s Carmichael mine project, thanks to the increased productivity of domestic mines, cheaper renewables and lower than expected energy demand, the country’s energy minister has said.

But Piyush Goyal said India would be forced to keep importing coal, including from the proposed Queensland mine, because too many Indian power plants had been designed to run on foreign coal……

India has drastically reduced the amount of coal it forecasts it will need to power its fast-growing economy over the next decade. The country’s December draft national electricity plan predicted that, due to slowing demand, there would be no need to commission any new coal-fired power stations until at least 2027.

Last month India cancelled coal projects in the pipeline equal to around 13.7GW of electricity capacity. It is also preparing to close 37 coalmines.

Should the cost of renewables such as solar, which fell below the price of coal this year, continue to decline, the Indian economy has the potential to be coal-free by 2050, according to a recent report from the Delhi-based Energy and Resources Institute.

Last year, for the first time India had a 69m-tonne coal surplus, an excess supply it is trying to sell to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Goyal said he expected India’s installed capacity of renewable energy to overtake that of thermal coal by 2022. The country has set an ambitious target of reaching 175GW of installed renewable capacity by that year……

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