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9 Renewable Energy Stories From

  • Batteries vs pumped storage hydropower – a place for both?
    Two very different storage technologies – one old, one new; one that takes years to build, one that can be built ‘within 100 days (or it’s free)’. How else do they differ, and is there a place for both?
  • Finkel: Investors prefer wind, solar because they cheaper than coal
    Finkel says it clear investors prefer wind and solar because they are cheaper to build than traditional generation such as hydro and coal.
  • Turnbull and Trump both demonising renewables for no reason
    Turnbull’s pursuit of “baseload dispatchable” power has all the hallmarks of the Trump administration’s campaign against renewables. But data shows that countries with lots of wind and solar have better energy security.
  • Australian company Vivid Technology enters MoU with Honeywell to become its preferred partner for IoT industrial-scale smart LED lighting in Australia
    Major strategic partnership opens the possibility of integrating Vivid Technology and Honeywell products to create complete smart buildings solutions.
  • Investing trillions in electricity’s sunny future
    NNEF has just published its fourth annual New Energy Outlook with electricity’s future looking sunny — and windy, too — to the tune of trillions of dollars of new investment.
  • AGL ridicules Coalition push for new “baseload” coal plants, saying that the only new “baseload” would be renewables, with gas or storage. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there,” says CEO Andy Vesey.
  • WA national park taken off-grid by local network
    Horizon Power’s stand-alone power project taking Fitzgerald River National Park off-grid with solar, battery storage and back-up diesel.
  • Queensland rejects battery swap, but restricts use of storage with premium tariffs
    Queensland decides against proposed voluntary “buy out” of premium solar feed in tariffs in exchange for battery storage, but announces new rules to stop premium tariffs being rorted by batteries.
  • Rooftop solar’s new boom – when installing PV becomes a no-brainer
    Falling technology costs and yet another hike in electricity prices are combining to make rooftop solar an economic no-brainer for most Australian households and businesses. Just ask Cory Bernardi.

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