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Kimba vote to investigate nuclear waste facility, but opposition to this is strong

Kimba votes to investigate nuclear waste facility on Eyre Peninsula, The Australian, June 23, 2017,  MEREDITH BOOTH, Reporter, Adelaide, @MeredithBooth

The thought of having a nuclear waste ­dump in your backyard would be a step too far for many.

But for wheat farmer Andrew Baldock and the majority of his fellow residents in the shrinking rural South Australian town of Kimba, the promise of a $10 million community fund and better internet was enough to convince them that the positives outweighed the negatives.

Mr Baldock, a father of two, hopes Kimba’s “yes” vote for a nuclear waste dump on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula will kickstart the town’s shrinking rural economy, which has seen a steady exit of businesses and people over the past two decades.

Kimba’s 700 residents have for years been divided on whether to allow a waste dump near the town, but this week voted 396 to 294 in favour of advancing consultation on building a low- and medium-level facility on the town’s edge.

Mr Baldock and his brother stand to inherit from their parents one of the two farms nominated to house the nuclear waste dump……..

A series of rejected sites was put forward between 1991 and 2004 and the Northern Land Council put forward Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory in 2005. But nine years of opposition, including a Federal Court challenge, saw the NLC withdraw its nomination in 2014 and a fresh search began.

The result of the Kimba vote, reported by the Australian Electoral Commission yesterday, is in line with the opinion polls that have pitted neighbour against neighbour in the rural service centre over the past two years.

Farmer Peter Woolford, part of opposition group No Radio­active Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba or SA, said the vote had not changed anything and he expected continued railing against the project. “The opposition is still strong,” he said. “The results of the vote showed the community was still divided.”

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