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Even pro nuclear THE AUSTRALIAN pours scorn on Tony Abbott’s nuclear submarine call

Idea of an Australian nuclear submarine fleet just won’t float,,  29 June 17  “…..Abbott’s proposal is also completely unrealistic and, if it gains any traction, can serve only to ­inject yet new delay into the ­already insanely slow process of our acquiring new subs.

……..Nuclear-powered subs are vastly more formidable than conventionally powered subs. As Julia Gillard was ­occasionally wont to point out, submarines are so important in modern warfare partly because they are an asymmetrical weapon.

They can do enormous damage and they require enormous effort from an adversary to detect and destroy. The key to their lethality and their asymmetry is their stealth. You never quite know where the buggers are. ­Because nuclear subs have an ­almost infinitely greater submerged range than conventional subs, not to mention being able to carry a much greater payload, they pose a much bigger threat.

………With characteristic and refreshing directness, Abbott tells us what a sub’s main role is: “To ­inflict massive damage on an enemy’s ability to wage war.”

……. Abbott established ­definitively that, starting from a position of great strength, he could not sustain a project to buy subs that were built overseas. Now that Adelaide has been solemnly promised, by both sides of politics, that our new subs will be built there, what possible basis is there for imagining that any government could break this promise and survive? Nuclear subs could not be built in Adelaide.

……Even if magically we did make a national commitment to ­nuc­lear subs tomorrow, it would take 10 to 20 years for us to ­acquire the expertise and build the infrastructure, if the Americans would agree to supplying it at all, another initial hurdle that would take years to jump. If we did ever go down the nuclear sub road, it would involve very heavy reliance on the US for an extended period.

……Those in the Coalition who think a leadership change would save them are mistaken, just as the past leadership change did not save them. The Liberals need to rediscover their direction and their leader needs to reunite them. ….


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