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    Two more solar farms approved for Queensland’s north
    Another 141MW of utility-scale solar farms approved for development, as Sunshine State starts to live up to its massive PV potential.
    • The new standard that could kill the home battery storage market
      Industry warns that if proposed new battery installation standards remain unchanged, the Australian behind-the-meter battery storage market will be stopped dead in its tracks – and the estimated by the CSIRO at up to 85GWh by 2040 – will simply fail to materialise.
    • Wind output contrained in South Australia as it blows above 1200MW
      AEMO constrains wind farms in South Australia for first time because there were not enough “synchronous units” as wind output blew above 1200MW.
    • Minerals Council makes believe on coal and renewable costs
      Minerals Council halves cost of coal, doubles cost of wind and solar and comes up with fantasy number of $27bn for a 650MW renewable plant.
    • Know your NEM: Prices fall, but say goodbye to the good old days
      There will be a cost to decarbonise the economy, its’ just a lot less than the cost of not decarbonising. Generation prices will stay high, network prices will be sticky, and the incentive for “grid defection” is going to continue.
    • Buzz Lightyear: first solar-powered family car hits the market
      The Lightyear One, developed by Dutch startup Lightyear, now available sale at retail price of €119,000. Company hopes to secure 200 orders by end of year.
    • Tilt Renewables pushes go button on 54MW Victoria wind farm
      Tilt Renewables says will push ahead with 54MW Salt Creek wind farm in Victoria, and will go “merchant” without a power purchase agreement.
    Garnaut: CET may be useless without higher emission targets
    Garnaut says Australia could likely meet its reduction targets without a CET, rendering it useless and debate about it irrelevant. He proposes a dual pathway to resolve the political impasse.
  • SA Water tenders for solar and battery storage to manage high power prices
    SA Water Corporation seeks to build grid-connected, rooftop solar PV system of more than 100kW, plus 50kWh battery storage system and “smart controls.”

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