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Greens Senator Scott Ludlam at nuclear weapons ban treaty talks

Ludlam, not Australia, in New York for nuclear weapons ban treaty talks, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has slammed Australia for not taking part in talks on a global ban on nuclear weapons. By Andrea Nierhoff, SBS News,  6 July 17, Senator Ludlam is in New York with delegates from 120 countries to discuss a treaty to ban nuclear weapons around the world.

He said Australia could have played a vital role in negotiations, but instead chose not to be involved.

“The Australian role has been disgraceful,” he told the ABC’s Lateline program.

“Australian diplomats were instructed, first under Prime Minister Abbott and then Prime Minister Turnbull, to try and obstruct or break up the talks, try to prevent this process from happening at all. Now this process is under way.”

“New Zealand is here. The Netherlands, a NATO country, is here. Why isn’t Australia here?”

Indigenous Australians have also criticised the government for not joining the historic discussions, accusing Australia of overlooking its own history of nuclear testing.

In an address to the United Nations, anti-nuclear campaigner Karina Lester described the impact the tests had on herself and her family, with her father going blind from the atomic fallout.

The senator says despite the lack of support from the world’s nuclear powers, as well as Australia, he is hopeful some progress will be made…….


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