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  • Vehicle emissions standards: Why Australia needs them, and why they’re NOT a carbon tax
    Light vehicle emissions standards is good public policy that will deliver savings for motorists and cut Australia’s carbon emissions. No Elvis comeback required.
  • Another 1GW solar pipeline flagged, with eye to Australian coal hubs
    German Wirsol Energy partners with Australian Renew Estate to announce 1GW+ solar pipeline, including battery ready projects.
  • One of the fiercest defenders of brown coal generators now says they can be replaced with wide adoption of voltage regulation technologies that can make there grid more efficient.
  • Canergie’s Grant funding update on wave, microgrid projects
    Over the past weeks, Carnegie received approximately $850,000 of grant funding from ARENA and the European Regional Development Fund.
  • States threaten to go it alone on clean energy as Coalition loses plot
    States threaten to go it alone on clean energy target as influential Coalition MP warns “people will die” because of renewable energy, and conservatives harden opposition to wind and solar and demand Australia returns to 19th century technologies.
  • Clean Energy Award finalists leading change in the energy sector
    A community mini grid in Victoria which helped customers to halve their power bills over summer, an innovative approach to project finance, and electricity billing based on mobile phone plans are some of the finalists announced today in the 2017 Clean Energy Council Awards.
  • Unlocking the potential of Australia’s tidal energy
    Australia’s tidal energy resource will be mapped in unprecedented detail in a new study funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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