Australian news, and some related international items

August 2nd MORE REneweconomy news

  • Soaring power prices caused by “decade of policy instability”
    Report says fundamental failure to deliver national, coordinated, stable energy and climate policy a major factor in pushing up electricity prices.
  • Innovation: Wind, solar grid integration technologies win state, federal govt grants
    Two Australian-made renewables grid integration and stabilisation technologies have won government grants: Clean Technology Partners’ e-cube; and NOJA Power’s smart “switchgear.”
  • Wind output curtailed again in South Australia
    Wind output in South Australia was heavily constrained again over the weekend because not enough gas generators were online.
  • Tesla has its “iPhone moment”, but Australia left in slow lane for EVs
    Australia is in danger of missing the iPhone moment in electric vehicles. The country known as land of burning climate and energy policies has left a market hungry for EVs without any affordable products.
  • Know your NEM: Showdown looms on CET
    A lot of wind and solar projects are getting approved, but no so many with PPAs and finance. Meanwhile, as the company reporting season starts, a showdown looms over energy policy and the CET.
  • Politically charged: do you know where your batteries come from?
    People are excited about batteries are forgetting one important issue: the raw materials needed to build this technology – where they come from and their environmental cost.

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