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A critical fight against corporate villainy: Australia’s public interest versus Adani

Taking on Adani is not just about climate change. It’s taking back power from corporate plutocracy, Guardian, Sebastian Job, 2 Aug 17,  The Adani Group almost seems like a crudely drawn corporate villain. And we should be thankful for the chance to reclaim the fight Sebastian Job is honorary associate in the department of anthropology at the University of Sydney

“……Those driving the Carmichael mine have had plenty of time to learn the climate change basics. They know coal has the highest carbon dioxide content of all fossil fuels. They know a large majority of climate scientists have identified rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the major driver of global warming in the modern era. They know that extracting the bulk of existing global fossil fuel reserves is considered, by everyone from doctors to military commanders and the Davos economic elite, to spell calamity for human life on Earth.

Australian politicians will also have noticed that corals, like glaciers and the carbon and methane trapping permafrost, are highly temperature sensitive. So they know coral bleaching is another neon warning sign that the global climate catastrophe is under way.

Except, of course, that the warning sign is no longer neon. It is bone white. Courtesy of lethal coral bleaching the Great Barrier Reef is being redeveloped as a 2,300km-long offshore cemetery.

To add to the melancholy picture, public money used to build road and rail infrastructure for the Carmichael mine are supposed to open up the basin to many more mines, while the whole operation will be serviced by expanded coal ports cutting like centurions’ lances into the side of the reef.

Queensland: beautiful one day, bone yard the next.

Any halfway rational government would be quarantining the reef from further insults and mobilising the population for an emergency transition away from hydrocarbons. An all-hands-on-deck, bring-everybody-along effort. Not just for domestic electricity production, but for our exports.

Instead, both major parties at federal and state levels are supporting the establishment of a coalmine with a projected lifespan of 60 years.

That alone says everything……..

If global warming is to be seriously addressed then it will not be enough to speak “truth to power”, as the new documentary by Al Gore has it. The gun of state power has to be wrested from the hands of the fossil bloc. This is the great battle on our doorstep.

When our children, or simply our slightly older selves, ask us if we tried to salvage a liveable world for them, they are not going to be content with a bland “what did you do?” They are going to ask us very pointedly why we dawdled so long before throwing out this criminally irresponsible band of ecocidal know-nothings…….

Since at least the 1980s ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Peabody Energy, Shell and other diehard members of the fossil bloc have been fighting a covert war against activists, scientists and policy makers to stop action on climate change.

Now, after decades of windbaggery from the global political class, the transition away from hydrocarbons has become a desperate affair. We might already be doomed. Or we might make it. As for the present, two things are clear: the fossil bloc are not leaders, they are undertakers; and if we don’t take them down, they will take everyone down……

The Adani mine, let us recall, has it all. Not just climate change and damage to the reef, but habitat destruction, erosion of Indigenous land rights, ground water exhaustion and pollution, increased drought risk for local farmlands, loss of coastal employment, and long term health effects. And that’s without mentioning falling demand for coal and waste of taxpayers’ money that could be going on more toll roads and Joint Strike Fighters.

To take on Adani is not just to take on climate change. It is to take on the insane irresponsibility of the corporate plutocracy.

Join the fight. It will make you feel better.


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