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Native Title Act – a perfect chapter for the Art of War 

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union, 4 August 2017

Recently there has recently been a lot of social media chatter in the Eastern States about the pros and cons of Native Title that has created a lot of angst for many people. It is difficult to get the message across to our people in respect to Native Title, because Native Title in itself is a relatively new, very complex and difficult concept to understand, let alone master………

‘But I can say that, if people were to read The Art of War by Sun Tzuthe most significant aspect of the Native Title Act is the fact  that it creates division within the clans and the Nations. 

‘Moreover, it creates conflict between environmentalists, First Nations Peoples, mining companies and other extractive industries.
The government and the mining executives sit idly by watching our people tear themselves apart over ideological beliefs,
without our people realising that this is, in fact, a very deliberate process to cause internal conflict  between all proponents of opposition to the extractive industries.

In the jargon of strategies to destabilise populations, it is called LIC, Low Intensity Conflict.’……..


August 11, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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