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Kimba nuclear enthusiasts should check out the situation in Japan

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, August 26
Nuclear promotes what it is, and that is “DEATH”. Look at Japan a country that lived by nuclear and now dying by nuclear, with a population that is reducing every year. The year that followed the triple meltdown at Daiichi Fukushima 20,000 people worked at the plant with many leaving after 3 months with high exposure levels of radiation reaching their safety limits. 3,000 people worked at the plant everyday with a unrealistic program to cleanup in a 40 year time frame.
It’s common  for young people to refuse to work there, workers receiving 10x more radiation than other plants, many quit because of pay and perks being cut, contracts reduced by 30%. TEPCO and contractors finding it hard to source skilled workers with the expertise to mitigate the contamination, and the stigma of radiation dividing communities.
So if you are looking for a job at $125 a day for a 20 day month taking home $2500, where you are shunned and treated like a leper with a stigma of radiation, you DON”T need to promote nuclear waste abandonment for the unwilling communities of Hawker or Kimba, just pack your bags and move to Japan.

August 28, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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