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REneweconomy news 30 August

  • Renewables delivering – despite enemies and “lukewarm defenders”
    Green Energy Markets Renewable Energy Index shows an industry delivering on its promise: fulfilling a large and growing part of Australia’s energy needs while also providing meaningful employment.
  • Sapphire Wind Farm seeks community investors in possible Australian first
    Sapphire Wind Farm developer calls on community investors to take shares in what will be NSW biggest wind farm.
  • Snowy Hydro 2.0 Powering Ahead
    Snowy Hydro 2.0 is already employing 350 people and will create more than 5000 new jobs during the construction phase of the development.
  • Know your NEM: Canberra fiddling while Rome burns on energy prices
    Federal Government turns attention back to electricity prices, but while their interest is welcome, it is in a sense just fiddling while Rome burns.
  • WA mulls three gigawatt-scale PV plants to export solar to Asia
    Plans to build three gigawatt-scale solar farms in Western Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions and sell their output to Indonesia via submarine cables, could soon be commercially viable.
  • Victoria proposes “hybrid” contracts for new wind and solar farms
    Victoria “hybrid” contract for its 650MW large scale renewable energy action, combining fixed payment with “contract for difference” that will cap its exposure.
  • NSW on renewables: All talk, not much action
    NSW talks a good talk on renewable energy but offers few actions. Its share of new renewables is far smaller than its share of electricity consumption and this is particularly marked in PV, yet Transgrid sees huge opportunities.
  • S.A. calls tender for “next generation” renewables and storage
    South Australia seeks bids for “next generation” of renewable energy technologies, including “firming” capacity for wind and solar projects, bulk energy storage, and bio-energy.
  • Shell wins approval for 250MW solar plant in Queensland coal country
    Shell wins planning approval for 250MW solar plant in heart of Queensland’s coal country, in what appears to be its first big move into large scale solar in Australia.
  • WA bathes in sunshine, but poorest households lack solar panels
    Solar panels are still a rarity in WA’s lower-income areas.

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