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Minerals Council wants “clean” “affordable” nuclear power for Australia

Australia should add nuclear to the clean energy mix: Minerals Council, SMH, James Massola. 1 Sept 17, Australia should develop a nuclear power industry to reduce its emissions, the Minerals Council says, and the Turnbull government should take the first step by removing legal road blocks.

In a new paper titled Removing the Prohibition on Nuclear Power, the lobby group argues just four words – “a nuclear power plant” – need to be cut from the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act to begin clearing the legal path to the development of a nuclear industry…….

Most contentiously, it argues the technology is safe, citing a British study by Friends of the Earth – a claim opponents would dispute by highlighting the Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island disasters – and affordable, which opponents would also  dispute.

The call to re-think the prohibition on nuclear power comes as the Turnbull government grapples with how, or whether, to implement a post-2020 clean energy target, as recommended by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s review of the electricity sector.

It also comes after Fairfax Media revealed in March that at least one in 10 of Mr Turnbull’s MPs backed nuclear power to be part of Australia’s energy mix…….

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