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Time for Australia to have an inquiry into nuclear waste production and storage.

Advertiser, (Dr) MARGARET BEAVIS, 1 Sept 17, THE federal Government is still pushing hard for South Australia to take Australia’s nuclear waste. They make a big song and dance about nuclear medicine, but leave out facts that don’t suit them.

Firstly, most waste is not from nuclear medicine, but from CSIRO and industrial uses.

Secondly, most countries, including the UK and the US, import nuclear medicine. We sometimes do, too, with ANSTO reactor breakdowns or maintenance. Less than 1 per cent of waste comes from actually using nuclear medicine, as it loses radioactivity so quickly almost all goes in the normal rubbish.

Thirdly, the proposed facility for the most toxic waste (which lasts over 10,000 years) is substandard – way below world’s best practice.

Finally, they don’t mention that taxpayer-subsidised ANSTO is massively ramping up production of waste. There is no shortage of nuclear medicine – this is about grabbing market share, leaving us with lots more future waste. And no community consultation.

What we need right now is an inquiry into nuclear waste production and storage. Dodgy claims and a shonky dump should not be used to pressure SA communities.

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