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2 September REneweconomy news

  • Australia’s energy future on grid edge – can AEMO give it a push?
    AEMO again stresses vital role that demand management solutions – and not more baseload coal – will play in the safe, stable and economic running of Australia’s electricity grid, as it transitions away from centralised fossil fuel generation and towards distributed renewables.
  • Worsening climate change melts winter heat records
    Australia has experienced its hottest winter on record as a result of intensifying climate change.
  • Fossil fuel marketing terms swamp the ABC and mainstream media
    The term “low emissions coal” has been used 100s of times in Australia’s mainstream media – which is a lot for something that doesn’t exist.
  • Queensland removes feed-in tariff cap on regional solar systems
    Solar PV systems of up to 30kW in size will now have access to 11c/kWh feed-in tariffs in regional Queensland.
  •   Big energy players back major power shift, as GreenSync unveils deX
  • GreenSync’s game-changing distributed energy trading platform officially unveiled with backing of AEMO and major energy market players.

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