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Minerals council just so wrong on the costs and the dangers of nuclear power

Solar, not nuclear, will keep us on the sunny side, Brisbane Times, Bruce Hulbert , 1 Sept 17 Of course the Mineral Council wants to remove legal roadblocks to the establishment of nuclear power plants in Australia (“Mineral body goes green in nuclear push”, September 1). These are, after all, the people who stand to make billions selling uranium for them. Solar power is cheaper, with lower maintenance and materials costs and dramatically less hazardous.

It’s also worth remembering that Australia will always be able to produce much more sunlight than uranium and much more cheaply … unless, of course, a nuclear accident changes that situation.


Peter Nash,We would have to be insane to follow the advice of the Minerals Council. Even since Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster in history, using the US definition of an accident (either loss of human life or more than $50,000 damage), there have been more than 50 accidents.

Even ignoring the astronomical cost of building and decommissioning nuclear plants and the still unsolved issue of what to do with the waste, it would seem crazy for Australia to go down the nuclear path when we already have the expertise and superb conditions to exploit renewable energy at a fraction of the cost.



September 2, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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