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September 1st More REneweconomy news


  • AEMO says fossil fuel failures, renewable investment delays biggest threat to grid
    AEMO says the biggest threat to Australia’s electricity supply is hotter temperatures, failure of large fossil fuel plants, and delays in investment in new wind and solar. Smart solutions such as demand management and storage will mean no need for new coal generators.
  • Graph of the day: South Australia’s “baseload” wind supply
    Wind energy has supplied a constant output of 1200MW over last three days in South Australia – just like “baseload”
  • Voters blame energy companies – and PM – for sky-high power prices
    More than four times as many people blame Malcolm Turnbull for sky-high power prices than renewable energy companies. That power campaign went well didn’t it!
   Coal city Newcastle prepares tender for 5MW solar farm

  • Eight companies short-listed to tender for job to develop, operate 5MW solar farm on former landfill site at Newcastle.
  • Community retailer Enova to buy and sell rooftop solar power
    NSW community-owned retailer to buy excess rooftop solar from customers, as well as from local community solar farms and gardens, to sell on to other customers who can’t generate solar themselves.
  • AEMO switches focus to dispatchable generation over baseload
    Energy market operator’s message on baseload generation is blunt: it’s struggling to compete and not well suited to the changes taking place. It’s time to modernise.
  • Graph of the Day: Green and gold on Australia’s grid
    Australia’s wind and solar energy resources should put on a bit of a show on same day as Coalition declares its attachment to coal.
  • CEFC backs leasing model to boost Australia’s EV uptake
    Clean Energy Finance Corp backs Macquarie Leasing program offering discounted finance for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and other low-carbon investments, including rooftop solar and battery storage.
  • Liddell: Climate change and air pollution medical negligence
    With an estimated 3000 deaths pa and many illnesses in Australia due to heart and lung disease from air pollution The Prime Minister’s proposal to keep open heavily polluting Liddell as the solution to his government’s failures in energy policy must be condemned.
    • Garnaut slams AEMC move to delay 5-minute settlement rule
      Energy rule-maker says it supports change to 5-minute settlement period, but wants it introduced gradually and not before July, 2021.
    • Coalition asks AGL to keep Liddell coal generator open extra 5 years
      Coalition wants AGL to keep 46-year old Liddell coal generator open another five years, despite AEMO saying there is no threat to security standards and best way to minimise is to have more renewables.

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