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Fragile ecosystem of the Flinders Ranges – threatened by nuclear waste dumping

Paul Waldon  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA Yesterday,Thursday the 7th of September was Threatened Species Day. The promotion of nuclear waste abandonment in the Flinders Ranges by The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS), and ANSTO can only be seen as a irresponsible act pushing life to extinction with a radioactive assault on a incompatible and fragile environment, while threatening the taxon and the biotas of the Flinders Ranges.

MAMMALS: One species of mammal, the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Petrogale Xanthopus), has a national and state conservation rating of “Vulnerable.” Half of all mammal fauna that was once known for the Flinders are now extinct, with surviving species assessed at a regional level, with 15 rated “Vulnerable”, 2 “rare”, 7 “Uncommon” and 6 listed “Immediate Conservation Concern”, while the vulnerable will require focused management to ensure their long term future.
BIRDS: 15 birds species are listed a South Australian Conservation Rating, 7 rated “Vulnerable”, 4 as “Rare”, 4 as “Uncommon”, 1 the Short-tail Grass-wren (Amytornis Merrotsyi) listed as Endemic, significantly near Hawker.
REPTILES: Several species are near “Endemic” to the Flinders Ranges, and 5 species known in the region have “Conservation ratings.”
PLANTS: 18 Plant taxa are “Endemic” to the Flinders Ranges, some of these are locally very common, while others are more sparsley present, and have conservation significance ratings. No less than 221 plant species have conservation rating of the 1361 plant taxa recorded.
This well balanced fragile ecosystem, may collapse with the death of any taxa or biota that suffer the impact of radiation from nuclear waste abandonment. ANSTO at Lucas Heights offers a low environmental impact site for nuclear waste while Hawker and Kimba fail to deliver, and in the interest of safety, radioactive waste should remain at Lucas Heights

September 8, 2017 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, South Australia

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