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20 September REneweconomy news

  • Better data would improve transparency in electricity market
    Better data would reassure consumers that price changes are the result of real problems, such as weather or machinery failure, rather than market manipulation.
  • Liddell: It would cost $900 million to keep it open till 2027
    Liddell coal generator visit reveals a work-force that wants it to close. Even betting agencies are punting on its closure.
  • Sci-Fi novel envisions corporatocracy in a climate-changed future
    In Tal Klein’s new novel, The Punch Escrow, humans have successfully tackled disease and climate change, but powerful corporations control everything.
  • Graph of the Day: Live renewable energy share and emissions by state
    Two new live graphs show renewable energy share and energy emissions in each state. Rooftop solar is lowering emissions significantly during the day.
    • Queensland big solar boom continues, as another 150MW project approved
      Queensland’s Western Downs Region continues large-scale solar boom, with approval of 300MW battery ready Beelbee PV farm.
    • Redflow gets second major order within months for its zinc bromine batteries for application on remote, Pacific Island sites.
    • Brisbane Airport rolls out massive 6MW solar project
      Huge 6MW solar upgrade at Brisbane Airport will supply 18% of electricity needs and save around $1m a year on energy bills.
    • SolarEdge enhancing residential PV offering for Australia
      Increased power production with single-phase inverters and new three-phase inverters for cost-effective larger PV systems

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