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27 September REneweconomy news

  • Sonnen waives monthly fees for battery customers in new deal with installers
    Sonnen offers “free energy” for households using approved installers, and says it has 2,000 battery sales so far in 2017 and keen to play FCAS market.
  • ABB to acquire GE Industrial Solutions
    ABB today announced the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions, GE’s global electrification solutions business.
  • Stunning tipping points mean coal will never be great again
    The global energy industry is experiencing two major tipping points for wind and solar that mean that coal will never be great again, no matter how much Conservative politicians and columnists may wish it to be so.
  • Why the Tesla truck will turn freight industry upside own
    Elon Musk prepares to unveil Tesla’s next big thing – the all electric truck. Analysts expect it to be the biggest thing in the trucking industry for decades, and will slash transport costs.
  • Origin and Santos: Australia’s bungling Gas Giants
    There is no easy answer to Australia’s gas shortfall and high prices – and certainly not Turnbull’s Venezuala-style solution. The best bets might be gas imports, and to build more renewables …

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