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Australia’s rooftop solar boom now taking to business buildings

Above: Broadway shopping centre in Perth

The solar boom started in our suburbs, but now it’s moved out of home, ABC News, By Kathryn Diss, 28 Sept 17, Australian households have led the world in installing rooftop solar panels and now businesses are following suit as energy prices start to bite.

Nearly a quarter of the nation’s households have installed rooftop solar panels in recent years as consumers have looked for ways to offset their ever-increasing power bills.

But new research by consultancy firm SunWiz has found business solar installations have jumped 60 per cent during the past 18 months to 40,736 systems.

“It’s accelerated significantly in recent years and continues to be a popular investment for businesses wanting to take care of their electricity prices,” the company’s managing director Warwick Johnston said…….

Business backs renewables as politicians bicker

The research comes as federal politicians argue over what fuel source should be used to guarantee the nation’s future energy supply, with the east coast facing looming gas shortages……..

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