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To October 1st – latest on nuclear and climate Australia

For a change, I digress from the usual themes.  While the media fixes on Trump’s and Kim’s nuclear threats, a lot of other things go on quietly. For example, the Trump attack on workers’ rights, –on worker safety, – on public health and environmental protection.  – on refugees,  Much as I dislike joining in the media fervor for watching Trump, it becomes almost a necessity, because we are witnessing the most extraordinary dismantling of all government policy for the public  good.  It is as if it’s all happening under the cover of our angst about North Korea.

The rise of Germany’s right wing party, adopting the Trump tactics, has brought a fascist element into the German Bundestag, and signifies the new importance of populist politics in Europe.

1461 scientists speak up for saving Australia’ oceans


Apologies – all Australians. I cannot be  a patriot, because I’m doing this stuff now, while the FOOTEE final is on. Sacrilege!


CLIMATE.  Australia needs a massive switch to renewables, if it is to meet its Paris climate commitments.   As Australia’s greenhouse emissions soar, Pacific islanders despair of its backward climate policies.   Did Australian govt reject China’s climate change action initiative?    National Party President Larry Anthony runs a firm that lobbies for coal industry !  Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility likely to fund coal rail line, but not coal mine itself.

ENERGY.   Six international academics refute the attack on renewable energy by Ben Heard and others.  South Australia’s Tesla big battery switched on. Yes, Mr Prime Minister: there IS an answer to all your energy problems – it’s wind and solar. South Australia’s network of charging stations for electric cars. Some recycling of lithium already going on in Australia. For lots of news, go to


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U.S. military man urges Australia to prepare defences for nuclear war.


Doesn’t this tie in nicely with the push by American nuclear weapons firms like Lockheed Martin to sell military and space technology to Australia? 


Australia must prepare for nuclear war with North Korea, former Pentagon official warns,  Yahoo News, Australia has no choice but to prepare for a missile attack from North Korea, a former Pentagon nuclear weapons official warns.

Brad Roberts served as US deputy assistant secretary of defence for nuclear and missile defence policy is warning a weapon fired from North Korea could strike the country.

“Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t really get to choose whether or not North Korea threatens it — it’s the choice that the North Korean leader [Kim Jong-un] makes,” he told the ABC.

“His objective is to make us fearful so that our leaders will not stand up to his threats and coercion.” The former Obama administration defence official also said that warships should be fitted with proper while pointing out that Australia’s radar defences were rather sparse.

“I don’t think it’s a large number of very expensive interceptors and radars deployed around the periphery of the Australian continent,” he said…….

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America’s failed nuclear waste repository. Is Australia next to fail?

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA

Safety is out the window with radioactive waste abandonment, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is anticipating another roof collapse the size is expected to be more than 50 meters x 2 meters within the next 4 to 6 weeks. With safety issues raised Todd Shrader manager of Department Of Energy’s Carlsbad field office, was quoted as saying “It’s not an exact science”, well Todd, I say “It should be an exact science”.
Australia has always looked towards other countries failed programs to abandon deadly nuclear waste in their game of nuclear roulette and France, England, Germany, and America have all failed to deal with their nuclear waste. A failed program is a program to fail, so is Australia next to fail ?

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Christian leaders unite on the urgency for climate change action

We stand committed to protecting migrant families, all of whom deserve our help. But we’re also committed to limiting the cause of needless future suffering.

The scientific consensus on climate change is clear.

For believers in Jesus Christ, the divine command to love one’s neighbour requires us to understand how our actions – or inaction – affect others. Christians must reduce the causes of climate change. The call to love our neighbours requires no less.

The Christian case for tackling climate change Bishop John Arnold and Bishop Martin Lind This autumn marks the 500th anniversary of the great schism that divided the Christian Church. Today, Christian brothers and sisters on both sides of this historical divide work together in pursuit of the moral vision that is laid out in the Gospels. We house the homeless together, feed the hungry together, and pacify conflicts together.

Droughts have happened in the Near East and around the world for millennia. Climate change is different. Climate change is deeply and drastically altering long-established patterns of rainfall. Small-scale farmers’ and herders’ livelihoods depend on predicting the weather, and for them, the drastic and ongoing alteration of weather patterns means disaster.

Syria provides a real-world example of the consequences of a climate-forced drought, with analysis provided by, among others, former leaders of the United States military. Continue reading

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