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9 October REneweconomy news

  • California rejects gas peaker plant, seeks clean energy alternatives
    California regulator rejects proposal to refurbish a gas peaking plant, paving the way for a solar plus storage solution instead.
  • Carnegie turns wave energy focus to Albany after winning W.A. grant
    Carnegie wins WA tender for wave energy project, switching focus to Albany for a potential 100MW facility but apparently delaying deployment of first 1MW unit.
  • Disasters must force insurers into climate action
    If ever you needed to quantify the cost of a decade of toxic debate around energy policy, insurance industry earnings would be a good place to start.
  • New Energy Solar to acquire 130MW portfolio of PV plants from Cypress Creek Renewables
    Fourteen plants will serve customers in North Carolina and Oregon.
  • General Motors pledge for “all EV future” will keep Big Oil up at night
    GM, Ford, and China strongly embrace electric cars, signaling trouble for Big Oil.
  • Why are we still pursuing the Adani Carmichael mine?
    Why, if Adani’s gigantic Carmichael coal project is so on-the-nose for the banks and so environmentally destructive, are the federal and Queensland governments so avid in their support of it?
  • EVs and storage: Lithium’s wild ride and why it will be bigger than LNG
    The market for lithium, storage and gigafactories will rival that of Australia’s LNG boom. It will be a wild ride, particularly for Australian lithium companies, but Australian policies remain a disgrace because the government wants to censor talk about carbon.
  • Australia Defence looks to solar power to cut costs, lift security
    Defence Department seek solar power to reduce costs and improve energy security at satellite tracking base, in first major push into solar power.

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