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Australian Energy Market Operator – shift to renewables is going to happen anyway

AEMO says shift to renewables is going to happen anyway, particularly as consumers turn to solar and storage. Might as well get some policies to deal with it.

via AEMO: Shift to renewables is going to happen anyway — RenewEconomy


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  1. Three things in this article stand out.

    Firstly, “the growth is good” ideology appears to be unquestioned, by not only Audrey Zibelman. I prefer to call this “idiotology”.

    Secondly, “electricity demand” has come to mean “grid electricity demand”.

    Thirdly, grid electricity demand management has come to mean shifting the demand from one time of the day to another. Decreasing demand for electricity, rather than shifting it, appears not to be an option.

    Demand for electricity, and energy in general, is economically and technically feasible if buildings were made more energy efficient, provided the up-front costs were spread over the same period of time that the up-front costs of the competition (fossil, wind and large-scale solar electricity) are spread. It is badly designed and badly insulated buildings (and growth in demand for comfort) that have led to disruptive peaks in grid electricity demand and to an exploitative wholesale grid electricity market.

    The suggestion that electric hot water should be shifted to around midday using solar electricity begs the question “Why not rooftop solar thermal hot water?” The slogan “Solar on Every Roof” was intended to mean both thermal and photovoltaic solar.

    Comment by Dennis Matthews | October 11, 2017 | Reply

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