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13 October REneweconomy news

  • Solar park to drive plastic heliostat development
    A field trial to develop highly efficient solar energy heliostats made from plastic has opened in South Australia.
  • Smart grid, dumb grid: Conservatives hit peak stupid over demand response
    Technology troglodytes in conservative media have collective meltdown over “demand response” – a new initiative to encourage consumers, particularly industry, to shift loads to help manage demand peaks and moderate prices.
  • Award winners light the way for booming solar industry
    The Clean Energy Council congratulates the winners of the 2017 Solar Design and Installation Awards, which were announced yesterday at the All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne.
  • Carnegie Clean Energy Board of Directors Update
    Carnegie is pleased to announce the appointment to its Board of Directors of two new, non-executive directors
  • Darius Salgo joins Wattwatchers team to drive business growth
    ‘New energy sector’ innovator Darius Salgo is joining Wattwatchers in a part-time business development role with a focus on Australian and international market opportunities.
  • Telstra unveils its big battery – its nearly 10 times bigger than Tesla’s
    Never mind Tesla’s big battery in SA, Telstra has 1GWh of battery storage in its current fleet, and plans to put it to use on the energy market.

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