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Deceptive trickery of Native Title processes

Ghillar Michael Anderson, 16 Oct 17, First Nations inherent sovereign rights are being grossly and repeatedly violated.

‘It is shameful that the parliamentary lawmakers and the lawyers who call themselves ‘specialist Native Title lawyers’ have complete disregard for the fundamental Human Rights of First Nations Peoples.
The time has come for people to make a stand against these criminals who are making a complete mockery of the judicial process, while at the same time writing deceptive agreements that deny Aboriginal people the future right to challenge and appeal these major injustices.

‘Our Peoples have no protection against these wonton Human Rights abusers and violators,
who can get away with this because our people are kept in poverty by the Crown and
are without sufficient financial support that will allow us to make legal challenges
to right these wrong doings.

‘On the other hand, there are some of our people who choose to take the easy road
and do not want to create any form of confrontation over the breaching of our inherent sovereign rights.
In other words, the two-bob mob are prepared to take what’s on offer and shut up.
This stems from the problem of losing pride, identity and dignity and/or
being educated exclusively white-way and losing touch with core values of our Law and culture.

Independent action to free ourselves

‘I now make a call to all those protagonists, white and black, to lessen the damage that has been created by the likes of those who run ‘reconciliation’, ‘recognise campaign’, referendum council campaign’, ‘constitutional reform campaigns’ and those who are prepared to be agents of the coloniser and be on their payroll.

‘One of our main antidotes to the scourge of colonialism is to take our own independent actions to free ourselves from the tyranny of oppression and injustice by:

Mapping our respective Nation’s territorial boundaries;
declaring independent Sovereignty by way of Unilateral Declarations of Independence (UDIs);
designing and flying your own Nation’s flag;
writing the code of laws, traditional constitutional rules and laws;
presenting them to the Crown and governments saying: “This is what applies to our Country/our Nation.”

‘If Nations seek to incorporate both law-ways then it is time to negotiate Peace Accords or Treaties with each respective Nation.

‘We must now put paid to racially discriminatory legislation in all its forms and thereby end the scourge of colonialism in all its manifestations. … ‘
To continue reading Ghillar’s excellent and inciteful MR go to this link:

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