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Sick-making propaganda spin, as ANSTO pays rural South Australians to visit Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

ANSTO Media Release, 23 Oct 17Hawker and Quorn locals visit ANSTO to find out more about the types of jobs involved in managing radioactive waste,  …….“One of the great things I saw was a lot of school children going through the site and being taught about nuclear medicine and science. It was a real eye opener,” Mr McKenzie said.

“Our group will capture what we have learned about what goes on at ANSTO, and feed that into our development plans.

“What I saw was that my group had the opportunity to talk to people who knew what they were talking about, listen and ask questions, and then walk away happy.

“They spoke to the experts about the process and how they manage and look after the site safety, and I am sure we could do something similar up at Wallerberdina Station.

“With the proper training, we could do the types of jobs they do here. There is a great opportunity to contribute.”

October 25, 2017 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, South Australia, spinbuster

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