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Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ‘s timely warning on the danger if USA were to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement

Julie Bishop warns Donald Trump’s Iran backflip could weaken pressure on North Korea, SMH, David Wroe, 29 Oct 17, 

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has said there is a “powerful argument” that US President Donald Trump’s threat to scrap the Iran nuclear deal could imperil efforts to negotiate a peaceful outcome with North Korea.

In a significant sharpening of Australia’s public rhetoric on the Obama-era Iran agreement, Ms Bishop said she had asked US officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, how they would counter the argument that North Korea could not trust the US if it walked away from previous international agreements…..

The US President vowed during his election campaign to tear up the deal, but this month kicked the issue to the US Congress, effectively demanding it either come up with a tougher approach or he would follow through on his threat to scrap it.

By endorsing the argument that ditching the deal could set back efforts to negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear program, Ms Bishop has taken the firm, if diplomatically sensitive position, of pressuring the White House not to push ahead with what many international experts say would be a self-defeating move but one in which Mr Trump is personally invested.

Ms Bishop said she had discussed the matter with American officials last month after Iran mounted the argument to the United Nations General Assembly that the US would lose credibility including in its stand-off with North Korea.

“Iran was immediately on the front foot saying … ‘Why would North Korea sit down and negotiate with the United States as we, Iran did, if the United States feels that it’s able to walk away from an agreement that was embodied in a UN Security Council resolution?'” Ms Bishop told Fairfax Media…….


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