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3 November: More REneweconomy news

  • ESB to use inflated costs for wind and solar to justify NEG
    Energy Security Board to use vastly inflated costs of wind and solar to justify its National Energy Guarantee. By using prices around 30-40 per cent above actual costs, will support its argument for little new wind and solar to be built in the coming decade.
  • Lets be honest: Australia is well behind on renewables
    Australia’s fossil fuel share of electricity generation is higher than that of our peers. This chart is ugly for Australians who care about doing our bit in the 21st century.
  • RES drops 758MW wind farm proposal, amid Victoria boom
    Anti-wind resistance appears to win the day as RES Australia confirms Penshurst Wind Farm no longer an ongoing development opportunity.
  • NE: A rushed job that takes us backwards, not forwards
    National Energy Guarantee appears to be a plan to get through the Coalition Party Room, and then a plan to have a plan. Unfortunately, that means many more months of uncertainty.
  • Musk says Tesla big battery now more than 80% complete
    Elon Musk says Tesla big battery in South Australia now more than 80% complete, but even bigger storage installations likely to follow.
  • Tesla falls behind on Model 3 production, burns cash at record rate
    Production line “bottlenecks” at Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory push Model 3 delivery target out 3 months. Musk says, “we’ve got it covered.”
  • China contractors and finance may help Adani’s mega coal mine
    The potential involvement of China state-owned contractors and financiers may help Adani in its push for the mega coal mine in Queensland.
  • Rejected teenagers: the trend of closing young coal plants
    It’s not just old coal power plants that are being closed down. In Italy, the US, and the Netherlands, coal plants that are barely teenagers are being targeted for closure.

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