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Coal, nuclear lobbies want to kill off renewable energy, says physics expert

“……University of Johannesburg professor of physics Hartmut Winkler –  Winkler has postulated that two powerful lobbies against renewable energy were at work. “One is pro-coal, the other pro-nuclear. This has made the success of the renewable energy projects a target for attacks from interested parties in both,” said Winkler.

“Disrupting the renewable energy sector would ensure that the coal sector remains dominant. And that, over time, it is gradually displaced by nuclear,” he wrote.

“The lobby groups attached to coal and nuclear appear to have had powerful allies on the [South African] state utility’s board. There is mounting evidence that they have been furthering the interests of a group linked to the Gupta family,” Winkler claimed…. Amanda Watson 5 Nov 16


November 6, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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