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8 November REneweconomy news

  • Will Tasmania be the ‘battery of the nation’?
    Tasmania itself doesn’t need more centralised energy storage. Tasmania’s problem is lack of renewable generation.
  • Chile solar auction sets new record low for solar PV
    Chile energy auction attracts record low bid for solar, with average prices for renewables down 75% since its first auction in 2015.
  • Is this the end for big wind and big solar in Australia?
    All eyes are on Victoria and the corporate sector for the future of large-scale renewables in Australia. With the renewable energy target now largely met, there is little else on offer for the pipeline of 20GW of wind and solar projects.
  • Graphs of the Day: A really bad day for so-called “reliable” coal
    Multiple fault with multiple coal generators on Monday highlight the perils of relying on “baseload” coal to keep the lights on.
  • Understanding the “Emissions Gap” in 5 Charts
    Five charts that help explain the 2017 emissions gap report from UNEP.
  • Five things that should happen at the Bonn climate talks but probably won’t
    This year’s climate talks in Bonn is not expected to be a deal-clinching, make-or-break one like Paris in 2015 or Copenhagen in 2009, but that doesn’t make it insignificant.
  • Albany Wave Energy Project activities underway
    Carnegie Clean Energy has now commenced the Albany project design and development activities.

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