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Turnbull’s climate policies ‘immoral’ says former Clean Energy Finance chief Oliver Yates

Former Clean Energy finance chief Oliver Yates slams Turnbull government’s ‘immoral’ climate policies, SMH, Nicole Hasham, 7 Nov 17, A Liberal Party veteran and former head of the federal government’s green bank has unleashed on his party’s “immoral” climate change policies, saying they “knowingly and willingly inflict damage on others”.

Ex-Macquarie banker Oliver Yates, chief executive of the government’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation until April this year, said far-right members had hijacked the party and that “reform from the outside” may be required – in the form of a rival party that better reflects core Liberal values……

“If we don’t address climate change and start to reduce our emissions, then it’s likely that billions of families could be forced to move home unnecessarily,” Mr Yates said.

He “cannot understand how Liberals would knowingly inflict damage on others when they have a perfectly workable economic cure in front of them” – the adoption of clean energy.

Mr Yates lives in the inner-Melbourne electorate of Kooyong, held by Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg. A life-long member of the Liberal Party, he is the son of former federal Liberal MP William Yates and began campaigning for the party at the age of nine. He is the independent director of several emerging renewable energy companies.

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