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10 Nov REneweconomy news

  • We need to talk about rooftop solar
    So you’ve installed rooftop solar – but is it performing as well as you expected? A new APVI web-based survey aims to help improve the quality of PV system components, installations and system designs.
  • Flinders Island makes switch to renewables, with solar, wind and energy storage Hub
    Flinders Island’s Hybrid Energy Hub is already taking the previously diesel powered Tasmanian island to levels of 80% renewables, and should manage to supply 100 per cent of demand before the year is out.
  • Chevy Bolt set to catch Tesla in US EV race
    Luxury price tags have not stopped Tesla from dominating the US electric vehicle market so far, but is all that about to change?
  • WA’s Synergy to bring in Dutch fund to bankroll wind and solar farms
    WA government owned utility Synergy looking to bring in outside investors to bankroll investments in new wind and solar farms and meet RET obligations.
  • Wind, solar costs continue fall, and fossil fuels can’t stop them
    Latest analysis from Lazard points to continuing falls in cost of wind and solar, and a growing divide between renewables and fossil fuels. And the cost of storage is falling too.
  • You heard right: Trump administration is bailing out coal plants
    Consumers paying more on electric bills is exactly what might happen if the US DoE goes through with plan to bail out uneconomic coal plants.
  • Photon Energy reports a profitable third quarter
    Building on the strong half-year results, the company confirmed continuing revenue growth at 6.8% compared to 2016Q3 and a 2,5-fold increase in net profit compared to last year’s result.
  • Australia wins early Fossil award as Syria leaves US alone on climate
    Australia wins first Fossil of the Day award at Bonn climate talks, as Syria signs up to leave the US isolated as the world’s only non-member state.

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