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Australia can expect ‘increased bushfire and storm danger’ due to climate change

Climate change causing ‘increased bushfire and storm danger’ across Australia

Launching the Climate Council’s Critical Decade 2017: Accelerating Climate Actionreport, Professor Will Stefan said a lack of action on climate change across the nation has resulted in rising pollution levels since early 2015.

“For south-eastern Australia the climate is already changing, extreme weather is getting worse,” he said.

 “Climate change is driving worsening extreme weather events across the country, including hotter heatwaves, intense rainfall, flooding, more dangerous bushfires and even the back-to-back mass coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.”

ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) Commissioner Dominic Lane said the warnings from the Climate Council and other researchers formed an important part of the organisation’s strategic outlook.

All of the indicators are that the climate is changing and we’ve only seen over the last decade the increase in hotter temperatures and dryer summers.”

In Canberra, Mr Lane contended that the capital’s growing perimeter will require more fire stations and resources, as new developments crop up in Gungahlin, West Belconnen and Molonglo adjoining bushland.

“The Government has committed to additional resources in this term and we’ll work with the government to say that’s exactly what we want to see.” he said.

The ESA believes the deluge of rain on Monday has pushed back the immediacy of the threat this bushfire season in Canberra, but dry conditions are still expected throughout summer.

Authorities are urging residents who live near bushland to ensure they prepare their homes and discuss a bushfire survival plan with their family.

Watch the full news bulletin on 9Now


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