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18 November More REneweconomy news

  • Elon Musk finally unveils the Tesla Semi electric truck
    Elon Musk is unveiling his company’s electric truck, the Tesla Semi, promising long range and big savings. Here’s what we know…
  • ‘Modern air is a little too clean’: the rise of air pollution denial
    Despite report after report linking air pollution to deterioration of the lungs, heart and brain, Professor Robert Phalen believes the air is “too clean” for children.
  • What Frydenberg was told about why NEG was bad policy
    There is a better alternative to the NEG, taking the lead of the UK, Germany, Portugal, even China, who have all set policy to move aggressively towards clean energy.
  • Kidston solar + pumped hydro project wins another $5m from ARENA
    Stage 2 of Genex Power’s solar and pumped hydro project set to reach financial close in 2018, with help of new federal government grant.
  • Queensland’s new coal generator would burn more money than coal
    A new coal generator in north Queensland would likely burn up to 79 per cent of its asset base – at the cost to Queensland taxpayers.
  • Solar industry launches big campaign in Queensland poll against LNP
    Australian Solar Council launches massive campaign against LNP in Queensland poll, saying there is too much at stake to ignore.

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